Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby #2 ... Ultrasound #1!!

First off I apologize for this horrible font, but I don't have Ashley's password to change it. Now onto the post..

Originally we were scheduled for an ultrasound this Thursday. But the Dr.'s office just called Ashley and rescheduled our appointment for tomorrow, Tuesday June 19th!

We are excited to make sure the baby is healthy as well as to find out if it's a boy or girl! We created this poll so that everyone who would like to could cast a vote for what they think we will be having. The winner will win a personalized signed shirt from the new baby, as everyone know's, newborns often leave their signature on clothing and I'm sure will have several to give away within no time  ... (haha)! Good luck!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

DC Arrival

So I know it has been a long time since we have sent out pictures, videos, etc. The last few months have been pretty crazy. But I wanted to get a quick blog post up to inform everyone that we arrived safely in DC and have enjoyed our first few days.

The car ride was long (2400 miles) but my Dad and I stopped at several cool spots along the way. I started my internship today, which I guarantee you is one of the best internships available. I work in an awesome building, with a great group of people, and a lot of opportunity to learn and get valuable experience.

So the it is really time consuming to attach photos to this site (which is the main reason we haven't posted in a while). To work around that I have come up with the solution that when I take a picture, I automatically will upload it to our Picasa website (see link below). So If you feel so inclined to keep up on our summer activities, click the link below and it will take you to all of the pictures I have taken in the first month.

This link is of pictures I have taken prior to our internship over the last few months. If you want to catch up check this out.

And finally this link is of our YouTube page where we upload videos as we take them.

I try to upload pictures/videos as soon as I take them, so feel free to check back every couple of weeks. Otherwise I will send a new post when I change to another picture album etc.

We hope all is well with everyone!

Leave us some love!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Goodbye Blogger... Hello Google Sites

Now that we have Brooklyn in our lives, I have been trying to find a way to consolidate our blog with our photo albums. After searching high and low and testing various solutions, we have decided to go with Google Sites. I am in the process of creating our own family Web site that will allow for a one stop shop for blog updates, photo albums, and a lot more goodies.

Ashley is really nervous that the 3 of you who read the blog without me having to send you an email when I post something new will not follow us over to our new site. So please help me out by changing our link on your friends list (if you have one and us listed) or remember our new link address.

Check it out! Remember it is still under construction...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week One in Review

So as I am sure most of you celebrated, yesterday was Brooklyn's one week birthday party. I have created a quick collage of some pictures I have taken over the past few days. (click on the picture to blow it up)

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Brooklyn is doing great! She is such a good baby. She sleeps well, eats well, and even poops well. Ashley is still in recovery mode, but is getting better.

Most of you have heard the delivery story but for those of you who haven't I will share that now. Sorry it's long, for those of you with ADD look at the collage.

Last Thursday we went in for our over due Dr.'s appointment. We were hoping for some good improvement from the previous week and were bummed when there had been none. In fact the Dr. basically laid out the fact that Ashley would most likely need to be induced the following Wednesday.

On Friday morning I went to work and then school to study for the last of my 3 mid-terms I had to take that week. I was planning on taking the test around 3pm so we could go to the BYU basketball game that night. Ashley had called several times throughout the day complaining of cramping and contractions. We both thought that it was after effects of her Dr.'s appointment the day before and thought nothing of it. I went to take my test and Ashley went to go save seats for the game. Around 5:30 she started timing her contractions and noticed they were coming 2-3 minutes and lasting 45 seconds.

I got out of my test around the same time and as I called her to meet up with her for the game she told me how her contractions progressed. I hurried to the Marriott Center and found Ashley sitting contently reserving 5 seats while contracting haha. After much debate and googling of birthing Web sites we decided to leave 10 minutes before the game started.

As we got home I quickly created a contraction log for Ashley to enter her contractions into. (I wanted to make sure we had good evidence to support a trip to the hospital if that was what we decided to do. Nobody likes the "walk of shame" after being rejected admittance to labor and delivery. Ashley started keeping good track of her contractions and they still were coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting 45 seconds and what at the time Ashley thought was kind of painful.

After consulting more birthing Web sites, our moms, and others, we decided to pack up and head to the hospital around 11 pm. When we got there, they strapped Ashley up to a baby/contraction monitoring computer and checked her for progress. She made some progress from the day before but not what we were expecting based on her contraction rate and length. After an hour the nurse came back and checked again and had found no progress. We had to make the "walk of shame" for the second time. (see previous blog post). The nurse gave Ashley the advice to come back when A) her water broke B) she was in so much pain she couldn't walk or talk.

They gave her some medicine to take the edge off. This allowed for about an hour two's worth of sleep, before she just laid on the couch in pain. Around 4:30 am she was nice enough to come into the bedroom and wake me up so I could join in on the fun. We basically laid in bed for the next two hours while I tried somehow to ease Ashley's pain. Finally Ashley was at option B) referenced above and we packed up for a second time and headed to the hospital at 6:45 am.

When we got there and the nurse check her Ashley and jumped from a 1 to a 3 and was calling our Dr. to approve her admittance. This was great news, except our moms her boarding a flight in an hour from Sacramento to Salt Lake with a transfer in Portland (got to love Southwest). We figured that we would be there for a while and so we weren't to worried about them missing much. Ashley was admitted and thankfully opted for an epidural. Once she was on that, life was great.... until the nurse checked her for the 2nd time and Ashley jumped to a 6!! This was the same time our moms were transferring plans in Portland.

We were pretty surprised at her progress. The nurse left to call the Dr. who she advised would most likely want to break Ashley's water to move things along. Of course we weren't to excited about that as our mom's still had a flight from Portland and drive from Salt Lake. Luckily the Dr. was at the hospital in the next town delivering a baby.

We hung out for another two hours and around 11 am the nurse came back to check Ashley. As she lifted up Ashley's gown, she said, "Oh wow, your water broke." Then she checked Ashley and said, "oh wow, your're at a 9 1/2." This is when I replied, "Saaaaaaaayyyy What!?!"

The nurse went to go call the Dr. who was luckily still at the other hospital. Ashley and I hung out for about 30 minutes trying to get everyone the update (expect our mom's who where approaching their decent into SLC). When the nurse came back she said told us that the Dr. wants us to start pushing. At this point there wasn't much we could do so we started pushing (I include we in there, because everytime Ashley was to hold her breath and push for 10 seconds, I found myself doing the exact same thing as if somehow my pushing would transfer over to her).

Our mom's landed early and were being picked up by my brother Andrew. If any of you have driven with Andrew you know he is the best person to escort a mother and mother-in-law to the hospital where their daughter is pushing their granddaughter out at.

Around 12:30 the Dr. was back from the hospital and he came in to see how the pushing was coming. Unfortunately for Ashley but fortunately for our mom's, we hadn't made much progress.

We continued to push for about another 45 minutes when we heard a knock at the door and our moms walked in. I don't think I have seen three happier/emotional women ever. There wasn't much time for tears though as we had to keep pushing through the contractions.

The Dr. came back and checked Ashley again after 2 hours of pushing, and we found out that Brooklyn's head was sideways rather than facing down. He informed us that it wasn't likely she was going to turn down and didn't want to keep Ashley pushing much longer. He gave us two options 1) c section 2) Forceps a.k.a. GINORMOUS salad tongs. He also noted that the sideways salad tongs move is the toughest to perfom. But luckily for us our Dr. did a PHENOMENAL job explaining the pro's and con's to us.

After what I might consider the toughest game time decision of our lives to date, we decided to put our faith and trust in the Dr. with the salad tongs. They prepped the room for delivery and we prepped ourselves for birth.

Without going into to much detail or creating another collage, I will just say that both our Dr. and Anesthesiologist could not have performed better during that birth. We had some rough experiences with the OB, mainly the nursing and admin staff, but now I know why we were supposed to go there, so this Dr. could delivery Brooklyn safely to us.

Brooklyn Rae Waddell was born at 2:15pm, weighing 8.5 lbs, and was 20 inches long. While they had her in the baby incubator cleaning her off, they noticed she was having a tough time breathing. She had a lot of gunk in her lungs and was trying to get it all out. They called the respiratory team in to have a look. They were able to get some gunk out but wanted to take her to the NICU to monitor her for an hour.

They cleaned her up, let Ashley hold her for about 10 seconds, and then Brooklyn and I took a field trip to the NICU. The nurses there were great. They put a tube down her throat and sucked up a ton of liquid. Then put her on a darth vader sleep apnea breathing machine for an hour. Once they took her off, and checked her out they gave her the green light to head down to mom.

But first we had to make a stop in the nursery to get a bath and some other stuff done. Ashley was separated from Brooklyn for almost 3 hours!!! (minus the two minute stop she made in the NICU as they wheeled her to the recovery room). They finally brought Brooklyn into Ashley's room and I was able to eat two hour old Wendy's, which I can't verify, but assume tasted like placenta soup.

After that we had a great day and a half in the hospital. The nurses were great and the food was pretty good. The husband got one free meal, where you order one main entree and as many sides as you want.... yeah I order 17 items, Ashley wouldn't let me order one of everything.

Well If you managed to stick it out this far, go ahead and treat yourself to a dessert of some sort. As I was writing this I was complaining to Ashley about it's length, because honestly if any of you wrote something this long, there is about a 99.9% chance I stopped after the pictures. But if you stuck it out, I respect your attention span. Leave a comment :)


Ryan, Ashley, and Brooklyn

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brooklyn Rae Waddell

Brooklyn Rae Waddell was born at 2:15 pm on November 13, 2010. She weighed 8.5 lbs and measured in at 20 inches. Both Ashley and Brooklyn are doing great. Ashley is pretty exhausted after pushing for over 2.5 hours. Luckily both of our moms made it in time for the birth. She is so adorable and we love her so much. I will post more about the fun birthing process in the upcoming days.

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Brooklyn Rae Waddell

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Due Date...

Well today is my official due date... but it looks like this baby is going to take her sweet time making her debut. For the past two weeks I have been dilated only to a one. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully we will hear better news on how far I have progressed.

In the mean time I have been making the most of my free time by organizing the baby's room and our apartment. Last week I successfully made a car seat cover and it actually turned out pretty good. This is a big deal because I am horrible at arts and crafts. So I will take this time to brag about my accomplishment! Actually it was really easy. All I had to do was sew a square together and then attach velcro ties to the top so that the cover will stay over the car seat. The hardest part for me was picking out fabric. I spent an hour in the store trying to decide. After emailing pictures of my final two choices to my mom, dad, two friends in my ward, and Ryan's mom for their opinion I finally made my decision. Here is the finished product.

By the way, car seat covers are sold in the mall for $50.00!!!! I made this for under $20.00!

As for Ryan, he is very busy with school. I hardly see him during the week but I'm proud of him for working so hard in school and his job. This week he has three test. He took one this morning and will take the other two tomorrow. So that means this weekend he has lots of free time in case the baby decides to show up! Thankfully these are his last tests before finals!
That's the update for now. Hopefully our next update will be full of baby pictures!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!